I am not self-taught, growing up in Los Angeles, I am so grateful to have learned from the best. I lugged, printed, and assisted for some of the most celebrated photographers around.  Every photo I take is not perfect; I love the realness, rawness, and spontaneity of life. My goal is to produce images for you that are authentic, beautiful, deep rooted, and uniquely yours.

             I am your classic people photographer - a small proprietor living on the beautiful Central Coast of California with my darling children. I balance my photos between film and digital, but the photos I take are old school, full of deep, saturated colors and lots of grain. The black and whites have a classy and exquisite feel about them that lends a certain timeless quality bringing out my love for tradition and family. There is something incredibly magical about the experience of using a film camera. It demands the attention of the sitter, creating openness and intimacy with my subjects.

Lorri Cantella


Los Angeles + Central Coast of California

 I appreciate natural light, minimalism, organic locations and fresh air